Electric control valve installation notes


electric control valve
1, the electric control valve used in the field, many are not because of quality control valve itself is caused by, but the valve caused by improper installation, such as the installation environment, or improper installation location and direction of pipe is dirty due to other reasons.
2, the new design, installation of control systems, in order to ensure that the valves in driving to work, and make the system safe operation, before installing the new valve should first check whether the valve on the nameplate labeled with the design requirements.
3, at the same time should also be adjusted for the following items. Basic error limit; full travel deviation; return difference; dead zone; leakage (in the strict occasions).
4, if it is in the original system of electric control valve for the overhaul, in addition to the above calibration, but also to the old valve stuffing box and connection parts and other parts of the seal inspection.