Electric gate valve selection precautions


electric control valve VB-3000 and VB-7000
1, First of all according to the working environment and the use of electrical equipment to determine the IP protection level.

2, To determine the power supply voltage of the electric device: the current domestic users commonly used power supply voltage 380V and 24V, should be based on the outside world can provide power conditions to determine.

3, To determine the 90 ° operating time of the electric device: the electric valve is in place, in place in place the required time, 90 ° run time shorter, the greater the motor power, the higher the current.

4, The operating torque: the operating torque is to select the most important parameters of the electric device, the output torque should be the maximum torque of the valve operation 1.2 to 1.5 times.

5, The number of turns of the output shaft: the number of turns of the output shaft of the electric device is proportional to the nominal diameter of the valve, the stem pitch and the number of thread heads.

6, The operation of the thrust: the host structure of the electric device is divided into non-configured thrust plate and equipped with two thrust plate.

7, The output speed: the valve Kai, closing speed, easy to produce water hammer phenomenon, should be based on different conditions of use, select the appropriate Kai, closed speed.

8, Stem diameter: divided into multi-turn class of the stem valve and part of the rotary valve and multi-turn valve in the dark valve, the specific circumstances of the specific analysis.

9, Installation: vertical installation, the level of installation, floor installation.

I believe you have some intuitive understanding of the bar through the analysis of electric valve selection considerations. From the above analysis can be seen, the selection of considerations or door knowledge, the user is essential, related to the use of various aspects of the product. If you can grasp these matters, I believe you will be able to use a good electric valve, let it play its greatest function, to your life, work to bring convenient and quick.