From Britain to the United States to take off the European election
(1) The first world split: isolationism American election speech to this time, is really a living for a long time to see the show. At first when the twocandidates came out, I guess it can trump is large, there are two reasons: first, from the primary trump is not good, all the way to the end of the election, the support rate is rising, the momentum is continue to go up, then rinse is there is hope; second, is the trump concept represents the world"represent the general trend: conservatism, isolationism".
This "trend" is the theme of this article, we will slowly analysis. First look at the basic plate of the tag, the basic is white, workers, small business owners, low education, the elderly. In a nutshell, the characteristics of the general characteristics of the Chuan Pu is very clear that the most deprived of the most people in the economic globalization.
Hilary basic disk label is also very obvious, the Wall Street elite, black, women, Latin American, Muslim, gay...... It can be summed up in one
sentence: all the people opposed to the plain. Hilary's own character itself is not strong, just a trump against all the common denominator 

As can be seen from the table, to 50 years of age, the younger the proportion of support Hilary higher. To have accepted the higher education as the community, the higher the level of education to support the higher the proportion of Hilary.

In the development of the United States, with the deepening of economic globalization, the transnational capital flow more easily, which exacerbated the American Industrial Hollowing, resulting in a huge loss of jobs, their working-class interests suffered losses. In the era of rapid economic development, the cake bigger, the lower class people can share, but since 08 years of economic turmoil, there is increasingly downward trend, then the contradiction within the United States revealed that trump just a representative. Marx Napoleon, "even without Napoleon, France will also be an emperor", because with the development of economy the emerging bourgeoisie needs a strong iron fisted regime to represent their own interests, and Napoleon is just that a history of "imperial". He came to power after the foreign expel the Manchus, restore civil code, against Gaul, established in the old aristocracy, but also reined in Vienna, spread of bourgeois values, well done to his historical mission. To understand the trump from the perspective of history -- a lot easier to take this step, the economic cycle operation so far, conservative and isolationist forces very influential, trump is only for one of them sound.
All along, the United States in the lower and lower white groups, the political extreme lack of voice and protector. Blacks, Muslims, homosexuals have their own "political correctness" and the right to speak, but the white middle and lower groups, that is, we say above the basic plate of Sichuan Pu that a few labels, the political status is not ideal. What's more, they are the most deprived of their sense of globalization. Wall Street capitalists can through the operation of the global capital market and hand earned pours, transnational capital can use globalization in less developed areas of cheap labor and preferential tax policies, then who is damaged, it is clear that the country's working class. As you can see, this group of people has no political status and economic status did not appear, only trump under the economic crisis in the lower white long suppressed a big outbreak.

Hilary had Chengchuan supporters Pu are poor (the basket of deplorables), and supporters of trump have made a video of the world "wretch, United (Deplorables Unite)", with the "les miserables" in the famous Do you hear the people sing background music hits on YouTube has more than three hundred thousand. A glimpse of the political position of the basic plate:

Look at this election is magic, while refusing to provide their own tax returns, and refused to show his medical report; while publicly spreading "vulgar language", while in the mail "said victory talk a lot of nonsense"; to build a the Great Wall, said the winner will be announced UFO alien secret files...... The United States presidential election there is a theme: "black", you see that woman are in such a way, the poll also lead trump, you can feel this election is "rotten"

This is just and the theme of this paper: collapse. This is just a small example of the world collapse under the.

We talk about the first world in this section, using the attributive is fragmented". Trump is likely to lose, but it doesn't matter, because it's just the beginning. Hilary if you can come to power, first not to say how her body, how many pairs of eyes staring at her, how much to send the interests of her to balance, she came to the economy will be able to do? Sichuan general election by universal suffrage on behalf of the interests of the class does not exist yet? Impossible。 So the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the small cut, small lose big cut, this benefit is unable to bridge. So make it, make it, it's just the beginning.