How to choose a pneumatic valve


electric control valve VB-3000 and VB-7000
RADIAN VALVE company specializes in pneumatic actuators, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, electric ball valves, electric butterfly valves, electric actuators and other electrical, pneumatic valves,which has many years of production experience, product variety, specifications Qi, beautiful appearance, Torque, long life and other advantages. The cylinder is extruded with high quality aluminum alloy, and the surface is subjected to hard oxidation. The supporting parts are made of special wear-resistant materials and high quality parts, which greatly improves the overall performance of various actuators. By the national "mechanical industry automation instrument Quality supervision and inspection center "testing, are high-quality qualified products, and in line with gb / t4213-1992 standards of the provisions.
Actuator device can be connected with a variety of computers, alone or centralized control, can use analog or switch volume of two kinds of signal control, supporting a variety of modern control equipment, widely used in domestic oil, chemical, power, metallurgy, light Spinning, food, medicine, environmental protection, urban construction and international research field, and exports of Europe and the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia market, praised by users.
Gtd110 pneumatic actuator beautiful and delicate appearance, light weight, with a waterproof seal structure. Pistons, racks and output shafts are installed f4 guide ring parts to achieve low friction, long life, to avoid contact between the metal. Installation connection size in line with iso5211, din3337 and vd1 / vde3845 and numar standards to ensure that the gtd110 actuator between the interchangeability and easy installation of solenoid valves, limit switches and other accessories.
Gtd110 double acting pneumatic actuator Model selection:
Use double acting actuator, first you should determine the valve torque, under normal conditions of use, the recommended safety factor of 15 to 20%. And then increase the safety value according to the fluid medium used in the valve. Increased safety by 20% for clean and lubricating media; 25% safe for water vapor or non-lubricating liquid media; 40% safe for non-lubricated slurry liquid media; 60% safe for non-lubricated dry media; Non-lubricated particulate media increases by 80% safety. Non-lubricating gas transport of particulate powder medium to increase the safety value of 100%; based on the calculated torque and the use of gas pressure to find double-acting actuator torque table, you can get accurate gtd model.
Gte110 single acting pneumatic actuator Model selection:
Use the single acting actuator, according to the calculated torque value and the use of gas pressure, find the single action torque table, first check the spring reset the end point, and then check the gas source working pressure end point, the gas source pressure torque should be greater than the spring return torque, Get the correct gte model.
Note: gte single pneumatic control output torque table, the spring reset "end" torque is to close the valve torque, spring reset "start" torque is to open the valve when the torque. The torque at the beginning of the corresponding air supply pressure is the torque that closes the valve state, and the end of the air supply pressure is the torque that opens the valve.