Optima is mainly concentrated in where it is?
Look at the picture, you can clearly see that Optima is mainly concentrated in where it is, first of all, London and its periphery - the focus of cross-border capital. In other words, the most beneficial areas of capital globalization. Similarly there are northern Scotland, as the Beihai gas field and an important industrial area, but also benefit from the integration of the European market. So off Optima is easy to understand, the other relatively affluent areas, I have nothing with globalization -- the basic money is elite group fight, and I have to bear all the negative impacts of Globalization: such as the product China industrial workshops, destroy the cheap local small small factories, small brands such as working away; the opportunity to be lower wage demands and no need of social security and other benefits, more willing to endure hardship overtime third world poor; for example, a large number of the city to bear the security problem caused by migration. This logic is well understood, you put globalization, European integration played so well, but basically is "for the carnivorous carnivorous, fat", I did not profit, but suffered losses and inconvenience, then why not against it.

It is still a gap between the rich and the poor, capitalism will never be able to solve the problem of polarization. Capital is always greedy, always pursue a higher profit, but when they around the capital to develop such a blood sucking system, the distribution of benefits will inevitably lead to a rebound in public opinion. We can see that in this year, in western society, the white middle earners has used his voice to the elite as in the past adhere to the universal value of capital globalization, the most direct expression of opposition support from Europe, support trump.

Under such a trend, isolationism, conservative resurgence, the isolationism is not completely with the foreign policy of isolationism in a mixed talk, including xenophobia, NIMBY doctrine on the inside, like the European immigrants, the United States not to ethnic minorities do not. This idea a little further to the right, more extreme, fascist

Take a look at Germany, Merkel the great, after the Cold War era of the West's most prominent politicians, Germany and the entire European lighthouse, this is planted in the refugee on the. The polls plunged toward the next election turmoil, Merkel the great possibility of the ruling eleven years difficult to continue.

Why did Merkel the great to the refugees, she saw very clearly, the aging of the whole of Europe, Germany's population growth rate is negative, there must be a new labor to fill in. Before she accepted the refugees in congress speech said clearly that this wave of refugees to escape, the vast majority of middle-class families, was a good education (at least a high school diploma), is a technology base, a family fled from Syria to Europe's illegal costs, in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, really poor can't afford this price, and can afford to go to Europe, just can be used for Germany's cheap labor. German economy minister Gabriel also said: "the training and employment is the best way to help the refugees into society, let the people quickly came to Germany for training, education and into the job market, the German can do, so can solve the shortage of skilled workers in Germany problem.

But the dream is full, the reality is very skinny, do not say first refugees has brought unexpected social contradictions, Merkel and his aides believe that the "training and employment to help refugees into German Society" -- wrong. Why is it wrong, France, the United Kingdom has a very serious social problem, I called him "two generation shift", such as Paris City, the center is very messy, security is not ideal, the rich people live in the suburbs, where parks, schools, hospitals and other public facilities Goods are available in all varieties. weekdays. Just to work in the city, and we Chinese just turn, we are migrant workers living in the suburbs have no money, money for commuting time. Why security is so bad it is downtown, who live, black, North Africans, Gypsies, Muslims are Third World immigrants, these immigrants, not pay attention to the refugees, to the second generation, are still not integrated into the European community, the bottom of society in Pyramid are still struggling to live, become the most unstable a ring. I am very clear that the 2014 New Year's day, the French Minister of the interior is very happy to tell you that we have only burned a total of 1067 vehicles this year, burned 1193 vehicles last year, a full decrease of ten percent.