Petrochemical industry to promote industrial valves and Actuators Market


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Global oil and gas industry's industrial valves and actuators market is the largest source of income. Therefore, the new oil and gas field exploration, with the corresponding increase in investment, the main growth areas of refineries and pipelines, may have a high impact on the market outlook. The market will also benefit from the rising demand for automation and infrastructure modernization.

Frost & Sullivan from the global industrial valves and actuators market strategy analysis found that, in the market to win $1 billion 837 million in revenue in 2012 ($17.65 one billion in the base year 2011 report), and the estimated, reaching $2 billion 210 million in 2016.

The point of industrial automation and process control deputy researcher Niranjan Paul Frost & Sullivan: "at present, oil exploration activities is important in Africa, South America, the Middle East and russia. These areas, therefore, focus on industrial valves and actuator manufacturers, and provide sustainable growth opportunities."

In the Middle East, Iraq is becoming a major market for the major oil companies. The country is expected to be between 2012 and 2017, the new power generation and transmission and distribution projects spent nearly $27.00 one billion. These trends mark the market for Iraq as an important industrial valve and actuator.

However, political uncertainty in North Africa and the Middle East affects the oil and gas industry. This together sanctions against Iran and Syria - oil and gas, power generation and other major markets - has the potential to inhibit industrial valves and actuator manufacturers revenue.

In the more developed regions of North America and Europe, environmental legislation in the process of shaping the market has played an important role. Here, strict regulations are likely to have an impact on the cross end user industry.

Paul explained, "in the oil and gas industry, the regulations are in place to reduce air pollution is the goal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) to reduce smog emissions, process equipment, such as the design of valves and actuators will help to achieve emission reduction plant."

Even as the main industrial valve and actuator manufacturers take advantage of growth opportunities to see if their profits are squeezed by the price sensitivity of high cross end user industry. As a result, companies are forced to take aggressive pricing strategies.

"The market is likely to experience the custom for specific end-user industry application solutions, the increase in demand," Paul, "market participants need to meet this demand, but also solve the other key customer requirements, such as high-quality customer service service, shorter delivery time."

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