Pneumatic butterfly valve according to the connection form of the flange


Pneumatic control valve works

Different butterfly valve type specifications are not the same, such as flange butterfly valve from DN50-1200, dust butterfly valve from DN100-350, pressure, caliber different models are different methods.
By driving the way points
(1) electric butterfly valve
(2) Pneumatic butterfly valve
(3) hydraulic butterfly valve
(4) manual butterfly valve
By structure:
(1) Center Seal Butterfly Valve
(2) single eccentric seal butterfly valve
(3) double eccentric seal butterfly valve
(4) three eccentric seal butterfly valve
Seal surface material points:
(1) soft seal butterfly valve.
1) sealed by non-metallic soft material on non-metallic soft material composition.
2) sealed by the metal hard material on the non-metallic soft material composition.
(2) metal hard seal butterfly valve. The sealing pair consists of a metal hard material for a metallic hard material.
In the form of sealing:
(1) Forced sealed butterfly valve.
1) Elastic Seal Butterfly Valve. Seal pressure is generated by the valve plate when the valve is closed, the valve seat or valve plate elasticity.
2) plus torque seal butterfly valve. The seal pressure is generated by the torque applied to the valve shaft.
(2) pressurized sealed butterfly valve. The sealing pressure is pressurized by the sealing element on the valve seat or valve plate.
(3) automatic sealing butterfly valve. The seal pressure is automatically generated by the medium pressure.
According to work pressure points:
(1) Vacuum butterfly valve. Working pressure is lower than the standard reactor atmospheric pressure butterfly valve.
(2) low pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN <1.6MPa butterfly valve.
(3) medium pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN is 2.5 - 6.4MPa butterfly valve.
(4) high pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN is 10.0 - 80.0MPa butterfly valve.
(5) ultra-high pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN> 100MPa butterfly valve.
By operating temperature points:
(1) high temperature. T> 450 ° C butterfly valve.
(2) medium temperature butterfly valve. 120 ° C (3) constant temperature butterfly valve. A 40C (4) low temperature butterfly valve. A 100 (5) ultra-low temperature butterfly valve. T By way of connection points:
1, the folder-type butterfly valve
The butterfly plate of the clip-on butterfly valve is mounted in the diametrical direction of the pipe. The valve was fully open state.
Wafer-type butterfly valve structure is simple, small size, light weight. Butterfly valve with elastic seal and metal seal two sealed type. Elastic seal valves, seals can be embedded in the valve body or attached to the butterfly plate around.
2, flange butterfly valve
Flange-type butterfly valve for the vertical plate structure, stem as a whole metal seal valve seal
For the flexible graphite plate and stainless steel composite structure, installed in the valve body, butterfly plate sealing surface welding stainless steel. Soft seal valve ring for the nitrile rubber material, is installed on the butterfly plate.
3, lug butterfly valve
4, welded butterfly valve
Welding type butterfly valve is a non-sealed butterfly valve, widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, electricity and other production process medium temperature ≤ 300 ℃ nominal pressure of 0.1Mpa on the pipeline, to connect, open or adjust the amount of media.