Pneumatic control valve works


Pneumatic control valve works

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Pneumatic control valve is a compressed air-powered control valve. Because of its rapid response, simple structure and safe to use, in the flammable and explosive conditions without the need to take additional advantages such as explosion-proof measures are widely used in a variety of conditions of the automatic control system. To select the pneumatic control valve for your own condition, you should first understand the working principle of the pneumatic valve.
Pneumatic control valve with air open type and gas type two kinds of action, air open type pneumatic control valve When the implementation of the membrane head air pressure increases, the valve to increase the opening direction of action, when the input pressure reaches the upper limit, the valve is fully open status. In the air pressure is reduced or broken when the valve will automatically shut down, it is also known as the fault off type, and vice versa in the air pressure increases, the actuator to push the valve to the direction of closure, when the input pressure reaches the upper limit, The valve is fully closed. When the air supply is reduced or cut off the valve will automatically open, also known as the fault open type. The user according to their own working conditions to choose the correct way of action.
Pneumatic control valve in use according to the requirements of the conditions to be equipped with locators, converters, solenoid valves, security valve and other accessories to achieve the role of regulation. The positioner is the main accessory of the pneumatic valve. In use, the control system sends a signal to the positioner, and then the positioner sends a signal to control the pneumatic control valve. With the air-opening pneumatic control valve, when the actuator air chamber input pressure, the thrust plate to move down, compression spring, driven push rod, stem, spool down, the valve core from the valve seat, thus So that compressed air circulation. When the signal pressure to maintain a certain time, the valve is maintained at a certain degree of opening. To the different signals, the opening of the valve is also different. So as to achieve the purpose of regulation.
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