Radian solenoid valve failure and trouble-shooting steps


electric control valve VB-3000 and VB-7000
1, The solenoid valve access head loose or thread off, which shall not be electric. It can be tightened thread.
2, The solenoid valve coil burned, which can remove the solenoid valve of the newspaper, measured with a multimeter, then open, then the solenoid valve coil burned. Cause the coil is frozen,resulting in poor insulation and magnetic leakage, resulting in coil DC is too large and burned, and thus to prevent the snow into the solenoid valve. In addition, the torsion spring is too hard,counter-work too hard, too few turns of the coil, suction can also make the coil burned. When the alarm is resolved, the manual button on the coil can be hit by the "0" bit at the time of thedeformed operation to make the valve open.
3, Solenoid valve slide valve sleeve and the valve with the gap is very small (less than 0.008mm), the normal are single pieces of demolition, when there are mechanical impurities into or smoothoil is too small, it is easy to stuck. The solution can be used to pull the wire from the head of the hole and make it bounce back. The basic overcoming step is to remove the solenoid valve, into thespool and spool sleeve, with CCI4 cleaning, making the spool in the valve sleeve move sensitive. Assembly should pay attention to the demolition of the components of the flashback and theinternal status of the report, and then not re-disassemble and report the error, but also to review the oil mist spray hole is blocked, smooth oil is left.
4, Breathable. Ventilation will cause more than atmospheric pressure, making the forced valve opening and closing difficulties, the cause of the gasket is damaged or spool valve wear and tearcaused by the number of cavity channeling gas. In the solution of the broken parts of the solenoid valve failure, should choose the appropriate opportunity, and so the solenoid valve is to continueto solve the loss of power, if a switch in the gap can not be resolved, the switch system can be suspended, calmly resolved.

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