The company to provide you with products, to ensure that it is fully in line with the ISO and CE certification standards, product 
qualification rate to ensure that 100%.

The company's products: electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, electric valve, pneumatic valve, regulating valve, the midline of the 

folder type butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, hydraulic control valve, metal hard seal butterfly valve, gate valve, flange radius, 
cut off valve,gate valve, check valve, such as in the conventional technical conditions under the service life of the product can 
reach more than 2 years,to ensure that the valve open time can reach no leakage million times.

The company free of charge to the field staff to carry out regular maintenance, repair, operation and other technical training, to helpguide the installation and commissioning of the relevant personnel.

The company's products, repair,replacement or return. Products free warranty for 24 months. Life vulnerability of the buyer 
pay the amount of expenses.

Two,after-sales service commitment
  1. Service 1
    According to delivery delivery and provide product introduction and instruction manual.
  2. Service 2
    After receiving your unit quality information, my company will immediately organize technical personnel to arrive at the scene within 24 hours, in time to remove your worries.
  3. Service 3
    In the equipment warranty period, such as equipment damage, I will quickly assign technicians to the site for product repair and guide reasonable installation and debugging, and regular free after-sales service. Survey of product information feedback. After the warranty period, the quality problems of products such as lifelong free service; the reason, to provide free technical guidance services and accessories.
  4. Service4
    The company's service purposes: as the product quality for the company's life, customer satisfaction as the company's goal; reasonable price is our long-term friendship!