The raw materials prices continue


I believe that lots of people still remember the raw materials prices continue to rise at end of last year! The Spring Festival just over, The price has continued to rise, the market so abuse, many companies said that orders are now dare not take! Do not talk about the price in the future, the lack of stock will be called normal, your supplier has goods to you, is the greatest success!

Coking coal prices rose 200%
Glass prices rose 40%
Plastic prices up 30%
Aluminum prices rose 30%
Steel prices rose 30%
Stainless steel also burst up 40%
Freight prices rose 33.6%
Industrial base paper can not buy with money... ...

Every “God”, Do not ask if there is a discount,  you should be concerned about whether there is no goods! "

Raw materials rose but selling price does not rise, It’s sad to received orders.

As the valve production enterprises, Mr. Zhang's customers are long-term old customers, the price is already signed on the contract, can not breach of contract, and can not rise price. Now Mr. Zhang woke up every day, He just think how to reduce costs, when raw materials can cut prices.

When will the market stabilize and return to normal supply and demand? When will the rectification finish and return to normal production? All practitioners are concerned and hope!