TL-01-05 series electric actuator



TL-01-05 series electric actuator
TL-01-05 series electric actuator is used to control the 0 degrees to 90 degrees of rotation of the valve, such as butterfly valve, ball valve, Switch damper valve, plug valve, shutter valve and regulating function. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, water treatment, ships, paper, power plants, heating, light industry and other industries. It with 380V/220V/110V/DC24V and other AC power supply for the drive power, with 4-20mA, 0-10V, 1-5V control signal, can control the valve switch and adjustment. Achieve automatic control, the maximum output torque of 2000N / M.
TL-01-05 series electric actuator parameter
TL series smart valve positioner is an industrial microcontroller as the core of the intelligent signal acquisition and control system, small size. The electric actuator can be installed in the connection box of the electric actuator, and can be fixed on the outside of the guide rail. Can receive PLC, DCS system output 4-20mA signal, while the feedback signal.​​
TL-01-05 series electric actuator parameter
1. Provide a key to restore function, to solve the problem of site users to set parameters, the problem can not be recovered.
2.Automatic calibration point, provide to avoid electrical protection function, prevent the equipment at position zero and full oscillation.
3,.AC380V three phase power supply, automatic phase and phase, phase correction, phase missing alarm function.
4.can provide the model of field bus technology, to facilitate the realization of automatic monitoring, reduce wiring, improve the capacity of information.
5.3 level password protection, to prevent the calibration data or personalized device data was accidentally broken.