TL-460 pneumatic ball valve


TL-460 pneumatic ball valve
pneumatic valve with integrated structure, matching with the TA pneumatic actuator input  can signal or single-phase power operation, strong functions, small volume, lightweight, can be used in food, environmental protection, light industry etc.
Performance characteristics
The pneumatic valve is divided into a whole piece, two piece and three piece, and BW and SW connection, and can be attached to the ISO standard operating platform.
TL-460 pneumatic ball valve information
Outline dimension
TL-460 pneumatic ball valve dwg
TL-460 pneumatic ball valve information
TL-460 pneumatic ball valve information
Example of double acting actuator selection
When a 200N torque control valve, the air pressure is 5ba, the medium is water vapor, non lubricated for safety, to a 25% increase in torque value, according to the dual role of torque meter difference look up the air pressure to 5bar, and then along the vertical search is equal to or similar torque values, select 277N, and then along the hang to find the corresponding model