TL-600 electric gate valve


TL-600 electric gate valve
Main features and application of TL-600 electric gate valve
1, the structure is compact, the design is reasonable, the valve is rigid, the channel is smooth, the flow resistance coefficient is small.
2, the sealing surface of stainless steel and hard alloy, long service life.
3, the use of flexible graphite packing plate, sealing reliable, flexible and flexible operation.
4, driven by the way of breaking up, electric, pneumatic, gear transmission, structural form; elastic wedge type single valve, rigid wedge type single valve plate and double disc type.
5, widely used in petroleum, chemical, thermal power plants, such as oil, water, steam pipe on the connection or cut off the pipeline in the medium of the opening and closing device.
Electric gate valve design, manufacturing standards
1 design and manufacture according to GB/T12234-89
2, the structure length according to GB/T12221-89
3, flange connection size: JB/T79-94
4, valve inspection and testing by GB/T13927-92
Main performance specification for electric gate valves
TL-600 electric gate valve information
Scope of application of electric flange gate valve
TL-600 electric gate valve information
Electric flange gate valve main connection and shape dimensions (PN16) 
TL-600 electric gate valve dwg
TL-600 electric gate valve information