TL-800 Pneumatic knife gate valve


TL-800 Pneumatic knife gate valve
TL-800 Pneumatic knife gate valve
The pneumatic knife gate valves is equipped with automatic control instrument,by aerodynamic components and body composition,for fast cutting or opening occasions.
Double action:two-position control of valve opening and closing.
Single  action:(spring return)in the telephone and air or failure,the valve automatically open or close.
Optional accessories:
1. Single or two-way solenoid valve(with 24v,220V and other voltage can be selected,if necessary,optional explosion-proof solenoid valve).
2.Close to open in.
3.Air source treatment of triple parts(including pressure relief valve,fifter,oil mist device).
4.Electric/gas valve positioner(for regulating type).
TL-800 Pneumatic knife gate valve
Ari filter pressure relief valve design is light and small,easy to install,so it is with the pneumatic transmitter, pneumatic regulator and other products are installed together with the use of.if the air filter pressure relief valve designed as a whole,becoming the two component,air FRL including air valve,failter,oil mist,big three,pressure relief valve can stabilize the source,the source ,the source is in a constant state,can be reduced because of gas pressure mutation when the valve or actuator and other hardware damage.
Filter for cleaning the air source,can filter the water in the compressed air,to avoid water with the gas into the device.the oil mist device can be used for lubricating  the moving parts of the body,which can be used for lubricating the parts which are not convenient to add the lubricating oil,and greatly prolong the service life of the machine body.
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